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Established in 1983 by a group of translators working for grass roots organizations in the 1960s and 1970s with the goal of linking and promoting exchange between citizens of Asian countries, Lingua Guild has a history spanning over four decades.

About us

Weaving Words, Linking People


We are able to respond flexibly to our clients’ specific needs. Whether it is only a single line of advertising copy or the title of an article or paper, no job is too small. Our goal is to create the highest quality translation, tailored to a particular purpose.

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In addition to proofreading for grammatical and other errors, we edit documents in a manner appropriate for the purpose of the document. All editing and proofreading is performed by native speakers of the language of the document.

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Presentation Coaching

Lingua Guild is pleased to offer comprehensive support for all types of international conference presentations (including the use of MS PowerPoint) and papers, as well as assistance with seminar and research presentations.

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We can transcribe the content of recorded speech audio as an MS Word file or other format. All transcriptions are by native speakers of the language of the recording.

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DTP/website design

We offer design and production services for all types of websites, pamphlets, newsletters, and other materials. We are also able to design layouts based on rules unique to different languages.

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Lingua Guild would be delighted to assist you with all your interpretation needs.

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The website for remembering Yamaka Junko (1935–2021), Representative Managing Director of Lingua Guild (Tokyo), from 1984 to 2006.



Remembering Yamaka-san