We offer design and production services for websites, pamphlets, newsletters, and so on. We are also able to design layouts based on rules unique to different languages.

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Website design

“We want to make a website, but don’t know how.”
“We want to redesign our current website,” etc.
We can design websites in Japanese and in other languages in accordance with the client’s needs.

Integrated design with website

If a website is already in place, we can create printed materials such as company pamphlets, business letterheads, and name cards, in an integrated design with the website, using similar images, colors, illustrations, etc.

[Design examples] Various kinds of pamphlet, name cards, letter head, etc.

Other products

We work closely with our clients, starting with the overall design concept (if so desired), to arrive at a final design that is tailored to the client’s needs.

[Design examples] DVD jackets, calendars, eco-bags, etc.

Production in various languages

We can produce versions of existing products, such as newsletters and pamphlets, in various languages utilizing the original design or create a new design for different languages, depending on the client’s needs.

We are able to provide a variety of other services tailored to the client’s needs. Please feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs.

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Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean.
For other languages, please contact us.

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