Transcription services involve listening to recorded audio and typing the content into a text file. All transcriptions are by native speakers of the language of the recording.

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Verbatim transcription

Details including interjections are transcribed.

[Purposes] Teaching materials for listening comprehension classes, court documents, etc.

Advanced transcription

Grammar is corrected and document editing is performed during the transcription. This is the standard method of transcription if there is no special request.

[Purposes] Interviews for magazine articles, texts for translation, meeting minutes, etc.

We are able to provide a variety of other services tailored to the client’s needs. Please feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs.

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Cassette tapes, VHS tapes, MD, CD, DVD

* We can work with digital sound files in MP3 and WMA format.
 For other formats, please contact us in advance.

We recommend that customers keep the original recording and provide us with a copy to ensure that the original is kept in a safe place.
Please inform us of the specific purpose of the transcribed data so we can suggest the best method of transcription.
It is helpful if you can give us reference materials, including information on the speakers, other materials (PowerPoint files, hand-outs, etc.) along with the audio file. This will enable us to transcribe the recording more accurately.

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Japanese, English, Chinese, French, and German
For other languages, please contact us.

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Rates depend on language, content, media, sound quality, and deadline.

Example of audio transcription in English

10 minutes: 10,000 yen-

Example of audio transcription in Japanese

10 minutes: 3,500 yen-

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