Lingua Guild is pleased to offer comprehensive support for all facets of your international conference presentations and papers, as well as assistance with other types of seminar and research presentations.

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Our conference presentation support includes translation and polishing of academic papers, as well as additional materials including PowerPoint slides, speeches, etc.

In addition, we provide support regarding the following:

Assistance with English language-related questions of any kind

Consultation regarding what to expect at international conferences

Advice on answering questions from audience members

Please see our menu of options, and contact our staff so that we may advise you with choosing the package that best fits your needs.

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Our presentation coaching services include:

Face-to-face or online (Skype) coaching

Audio recordings of sample presentations in English

Assistance with the following:

  • Beginning and ending your presentation
  • Smooth transitions between slides/topics
  • Q&A session preparation
  • Polishing PPT and speech notes
  • Feedback on pronunciation, intonation, etc.
  • Enhancing your poster presentation skills
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Skype coaching

10,000 yen per hour

Audio recordings

5,000 yen per 10 minutes

*For speeches, it is also possible to devise a rate based upon the number of pages. Please contact us for further details.

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