People have always encountered obstacles blocking the way forward. However, this has led people to come up with ways to overcome such obstacles and, in so doing, to seek and cultivate connections with others.

Translation is one means of connecting people through language and is also a path that leads from a closed-off world to a more open world.

At Linguaguild, we believe that our mission is to work diligently with individuals and organizations who continuously seek connections with others and, together, to open up new worlds.

Meticulous translation

At Lingua Guild, all translations undergo a final check whereby original and translated texts are compared side-by-side by Japanese staff and a native speaker of the original (or target) language. We value clients’ feedback and work diligently to resolve issues and answer questions regarding the translation, repeating this process until a final version that is acceptable to the client is produced.

From single-line catch copy to full-length manuscripts

At Lingua Guild, we are able to respond flexibly to our client’s needs, from single-line catch copy to company reports to academic manuscripts related to politics, economics, gender, and other social science fields. We listen carefully to our client’s requests and pay attention to even the smallest detail.

Lingua Guild’s diverse network

Through its more-than-three-decades of experience, Lingua Guild has developed relationships with a diverse group of individuals including researchers, designers, film studios, printing companies, consultants, etc. With this network, Lingua Guild is able to build teams to create even higher quality work with specialized content.

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